Summer Dramatics Camp

July 13-23
Monday- Friday 1:00-3:00pm
Fee: $30.00 in SR School District
$36.00 Outside SR School District

Dress Rehearsal Friday July 24th 3:00pm
Performance Friday, July 24th 6:00pm @ SRAP&R Amphitheater

Join us for this 2 weeks experience as we explore every aspect of putting on a musical production. From auditioning to stage design, choreography, costuming, and choreography. Everyone who wants to be on stage will be assigned a part. If your child would rather work on stage crew, they will participate in the chorus and songs.

“You’re going to love this riotous, light-hearted musical! Baroness Frankenstein has opened her castle to monsters of the world who are having difficulty fitting in with society. So what do these zany creatures do when Mrs. Hoople arrives?!!”

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